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Monday, 23 May 2011
One of my favorite "date nights" is the Cinebistro in Old Hyde Park Village!  Their website is HERE. If you have never been, you are in for a wonderful, new experience blending the “dinner and a movie“ into one. You walk in and it looks like a modern art deco wine bar feeling with a 1950’s elegant, luxurious twist. 

The experience goes like this, if you have a movie time of 7:00, you show up around 45 minutes prior to the movie time. You can have a glass of wine at the wine bar for 15 minutes, then 30 minutes prior to show time they begin seating for the movie.  When you bought the tickets, (either online or at the theater), you selected your seats at that time.  (Hint: The farther away from the screen the better).  In some of the theaters, the back row or the front row even has foot stools included with the seats.

At seating time, you take your glass of wine with you and a server shows you to your pre-selected seats.  When you walk into the theatre you will notice that the seats are large and leather like a first class airline seat.  Very comfortable for the show. Then you are seated and a server hands you a menu.  You order all courses of your meal together (appetizer, main dish, desert, bottle of wine) and pay at that moment.  An 18% mandatory gratuity is included in the ticket for the servers and bartenders already, so be careful not to double-tip unless you want to. My favorite dish is the Portobello mushroom “lasagna.” Which actually has no pasta in it at all.  It is portioned really nicely and tastes sooo good. Their menu is posted on their website if you would like to see it before you go.  I hear they are about to change their menu, so if you are reading this and it has been awhile, they might not have that dish anymore...

All food is made by a gourmet chef and prepared to order.  Wait times for your food are around 5-15 mins., depending on what you order. You begin your meal and the previews start. They call last call, then the movie starts. You eat your meal at your seat and watch your movie. Should you get a hankering for more, you may leave the theater and order outside of the theatre as to not disturb the other guests.

This experience is only for guests 21 and up and is a little pricier than normal movie tickets. 



Matinee (Before 4pm)


Military/Seniors (Sun-Thurs)


So, I think that it makes a nice dinner for a special occasion or needed adult night alone.  Grab a buddy or that special someone, and try out this revolutionary new experience!

Enjoy your date!

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Tuesday, 17 May 2011
Are your kids in town to visit? Looking for something fun to do in Tampa on your day off with them? I recommend the Glazier Children’s Museum in downtown Tampa. Their website address is http://glazermuseum.org/.  This is a fun outing for kids of all ages there is so many stimulating things to do there.  I have a 3 year old son Dax and this is one of his favorite activities for us to do on my off days with him.

The museum itself is “filled with over 170 fun and challenging ‘interactivities’ in 12 themed areas, there’s so much to explore, discover and do! The kids can Pilot a cruise ship. Build a noodle sculpture. Design a city. Fly an airplane. Paint with light. Slide down a fireman’s pole….” One of Daxton’s favorite activities is the fireman’s pole and the "my house your house" theatre. 

It’s a great place to get in the interactive quality time with your kids. Dax runs from one exhibit to another and everything is “hands on.” I’m surprised at the things that he learns when we go, and the questions that he asks, and the resulting conversations that come about. 

There is a snack bar on the premises if you get hungry and next door to the museum is a grassy patch along the water for picnics and running around with the kids and water fountains if you want to bring their swimsuits to get wet. Below is the admission info and hours, days, and parking information. Have a ball!


Children under 1: Free
Children: $9.50
Adults: $15.00
Military/Seniors: $12.50

Mon – Fri: 10am-5pm
Sat: 10am-6pm
Sun: 1pm-6pm


Covered Parking is available at the adjacent POE GARAGE on the corner of Ashley Dr and Cass. Regular parking is $1.20/hr. Special Event parking, regulated by the City of Tampa, may differ in some instances.

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