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Per-Diem Rates

Exceptional Rating

Rated as Exceptional by USAF Contracting Squadron

MacDill AFB 

Tampa, Clearwater and St Petersburg 

TDY / TAD Experts

Do you have a TDY/TAD coming up to MacDill AFB or Air Station Clearwater? 

If so, you will want to secure your lodging before you arrive. You will most likely be given a statement of non-availability, and with that you are free to find an off-base lodging solution and DFAS will reimburse you for the cost, up to the amount of the local per-diem. 

(We have never had a situation where a service-member guest was denied a Non-A statement, but if it happens, don’t worry – we will release the reservation)

Beautiful Places in
the Heart of Paradise

Discover Your Place in Paradise!

8:30 am – 5:30 pm Eastern

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Featured Communities

Here are the communities that TDY / TAD service
members have told us fit their needs the best.

Amelia Westshore

Bowery Bayside

Brighton Bay

Lantower Westshore


8:30 am – 5:30 pm Eastern

Part of The Military Family

We are all in this together….

As the wife of a retired US Air Force Combat decorated pilot, Nika knows what kind of stress and pressures are on a military family that has a husband, father, wife or mother deployed. We will always do anything we can to take care of our military families first and foremost.


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