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A Couple of “Other” Things 
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A Couple of Other Things We Are Proud Of… 🙂

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About NIKA

Providing DFAS Approved Off Base TDY Housing to Service Members for Over 21 Years

Providing DFAS Approved Off-Base TDY Housing to Service Members Serving CENTCOM for Over 21 Years

Owned and operated by a USAF combat disabled veteran, Nika Corporate housing has been providing professional upscale off-base TDY and TAD housing to US and Allied Service members assigned to SOCOM and USCENTCOM, including SOCCENT, AFCENT, MARCENT, ARCENT and NAVCENT since 2003. Over 2 decades of service with zero DFAS issues.

9:00 am – 5:00 pm Eastern


Temporary Lodging Reservations – CENTCOM

You can reserve CENTCOM MacDill TDY Off base Housing or make reservations as soon as you receive your orders. For on-base stays, Single people arriving during non-duty hours may be assigned lodging in visiting airmen or officers’ quarters. Families may stay in an apartment-style temporary lodging facilities while seeking permanent homes.

Extended TDY members may utilize an off-base furnished apartment or Corporate Housing providers, up to the approved local per-diem rate. Call 813-857-2211 for a reservation.  Pet-friendly rooms are available.

For further information, you can contact MacDill lodging office at DSN 312-968-4259 or 813-828-4259. 

If you arrive after 4:30 p.m., or on weekends or holidays, go to the 24-hour arrival point, the MacDill Inn, located in Building 350, 7637 Bayshore Drive, MacDill AFB, FL 33621.

Documents to Hand-Carry

Important papers should not be packed with your household goods or hold baggage. Plan to take the following items with you: ID cards, Permanent Change of Station orders, passports, leave authorizations, shot records for you and your family, medical records, all documents pertaining to the shipment of household goods including your personal inventory and/or pictures of your possessions, appraisals for valuable items, last leave and earnings statement, Power of Attorney (check expiration date), wills, bank books, state and federal tax records, deeds and mortgages, professional licenses, car registration, spouse resume and last pay statement, list of stocks and bonds, social security cards, school records for children, letters of credit for utility waivers, original birth and adoption records, and naturalization records.


CENTCOM members should contact the Personnel Services Division, CC-J1, [email protected]. You can also review the CENTCOM Welcome guide at  https://www.centcom.mil  under the Welcome Guide TAB.

Force Strength Management Section at these numbers.

  • Army – 813-529-1084 DSN 651
  • Air Force – 813-539-1097 DSN 651
  • Space Force – 813-539-1097 DSN 651
  • Navy – 813-529-1100 DSN 651
  • Marine Corps – 813-529-1104 DSN 651

Joint Communication System Element

New members being assigned to Joint Communication System Element should visit JCSE Newcomer’s Information for in-processing checklist.

U.S. Special Operation Command

New members being assigned to U.S. Special Operation Command should click on the  SOCOM Resource Guide.

  • Army – 813-826-4016 DSN 826
  • Marines – 813-826-6669 DSN 826
  • Navy – 813-826-2341 DSN 826
  • Air Force – 813-826-3693 DSN 826

Special Operations Command Central

If you have any questions regarding CENTCOM MacDill TDY Off base Housing or resources available to SOCCENT members and families regardless of branch, please reach out to the Preservation of the Force and Family Team at  [email protected]

Whether you are single or married make sure you request a sponsor, if you don’t already have one. Your sponsor will be able to tell you about your new unit, and give you a telephone number and address where he or she can be reached. You will receive a Welcome Package with information on housing, base facilities and programs, and the local community. Visit Macdill relocation information by going to  https://macdillfss.com/relocation/.

If arriving by airplane, your sponsor will normally be at the airport to meet you and get you settled in during your first few days on station. Be sure to inform your Command Support Staff of your arrival.

We understand “TDY”“TAD”“JTR”“DFAS”“Per-Diem”“CENTCOM”“SOCOM”“SOCCENT”

We have been providing professional  CENTCOM MacDill TDY Off base Housing and TDY/TAD all-inclusive furnished apartments for over two decades.

We understand the language – because we’ve lived it just like you. Be careful of companies that don’t understand your situation, or know the difference between “TDY” and “PCS”.

We will never leave you hanging with any orders issue or DFAS red-tape.

9:00 am – 5:00 pm Eastern

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9:00 am – 5:00 pm Eastern

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I Think I Might Like a Place...
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I'll Be Bringing
How many people?
How Many and What Kind?
I'd Consider a... (Note: 2 & 3 Bedrooms might exceed your per-diem rate)

NIKA Supports Homeless Veterans

Veterans are 50% more likely to become homeless than other Americans.

Your Pet is as Welcome as You Are!  

At Nika Corporate Housing, We are Pet Friendly!

Pets are cherished members of your family, and at Nika Corporate Housing, they are more than welcome in our apartments.

We provide a pet-friendly environment with ample space and nearby amenities for their enjoyment. Experience the joy of having your pets by your side during your stay with us.

Of course, as much as we love pets, the communities that we work with may have certain breed, weight or other restrictions. Also, refundable or non-refundable deposits as well as pet ret charges may apply. It varies from community to community, so contact us for specific details. 

pet friendly corporate housing and furnished executive apartments

Beautiful CENTCOM TDY Furnished Apartments in the Heart of Paradise

Discover Your Perfect TDY Corporate Housing Unit in Paradise!

9:00 am – 5:00 pm Eastern

Our Apartments

Nika Corporate Housing proudly offers 1, 2 and 3 bedroom furnished apartments within minutes of MacDill AFB and US CENTCOM. Our executive suites offer all the appliances, furniture and services that today’s busy lifestyles demand. 

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9:00 am – 5:00 pm Eastern